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Thank you for your interest in our company. Signal-Print Ltd. was founded in 1998 based on our printing experience of the previous years. As a result of the efforts to fulfill our customer’s demand in a reliable and flexible way with high quality products by having the advantages of offset technological equipment, we have become a dynamically developing medium-sized printing company during the years. Focusing on the demands of the market we have invested our profit in buying new equipment of modern technology to raise not only the capacity and environmental awareness but also continuously improve the quality level and working conditions.

6000 m2
100 employees

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 · FSC®

Currently we operate our plant with 100 employees at 6.000 m2 working area and offer our services on flexible way with modern equipment in order to ensure all the expectations of our customers. In line with the growing needs of the market, we have expanded our activities with assembly and logistics elements by developing it day by day and offering complex services. We are committed to the high quality of our products and services. Our products meet the highest quality standards accepted in the industry. We are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, as well as to FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) complying with the highest social and environmental standards.


We are committed to comply with the environmental regulations. We have official authorization for handling of hazardous waste, and we create eco-friendly procedures every case. As one of the steps of our environmentally conscious efforts, we have established our moulded pulp plant, where we produce eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging from waste paper. We have a wide range of customers, including big multinational companies, many small and middle-sized companies and the private sector.

Our co-company, ARTANDER Ltd. serves small orders, specific requests and prepress activities.


Various printing and folding schemes
Unique in Hungary

We have managed to establish a mutually effective relationship with our partners by an individual customer management during the years. Continuous fulfillment of the high requirements set by ourselves and our customers have resulted in such big customers among our partners, who represents worldwide known brand names. We are sure that our company's enthusiastic team plays a major role in keeping in our Business Philosophy and Strategy. We are doing our best to provide good working conditions, pleasant workplace and financial stability for our employees. We pay attention to the training and improving the knowledge of our employees, which also strengthens the trust of our customers. Our main aim is to operate our company with responsibility in each area to make our partners to be convinced that Signal-Print Ltd. is a reliable and competent company in the printing industry.

We are looking forward to welcome you among our partners.

KL.112.16 + M7.32.4

16+4 buckles folding machine,
first in Hungary!


Modularly expandable
full automatic folding machine


Signal-Print Printing and Trading Ltd.

Printing plant, Office: H-5100 Jászberény, Jásztelki út 83.
Postal address: H-5100 Jászberény, Pf. 83
Phone: +36 57 500 970
Fax: +36 57 500 975
E-mail: signal@nyomdasz.hu
Web: www.nyomdasz.hu

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